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Client Testimonials

Not sure whether you need an event manager? Check out what our previous clients had to say about our work!


Kiley Dorton of The UGA Accidentals


Rob is a dedicated, passionate worker with a fiery spirit and a knack for advertising, marketing, and event planning. In my time with Rob in the UGA Accidentals, I watched as he worked tirelessly planning and executing one of the most successful a cappella convention events I've ever attended. SpringSing is a benefit event that raises money for cancer research and awareness. During the months prior to the event, Rob worked day and night, dedicating his life to planning every detail of the weekend. Rob secured some of the most famous names in the a cappella world to come perform at SpringSing, and established relationships with leaders in the industry to truly raise the prestige and success of SpringSing. 

Diana Preisler - Gasper of Blue Jupiter


Leslie Burns is an amazing manager, creative director and event planner. I worked directly with Leslie for several years with events that she planned, including SpringSing which was an event that combined entertainment and charity. She was always organized and thorough with the pre-planning, as well as follow-through when we were at her events. My band always felt like we had ample direction and information, and we always had a warm welcome. Leslie is professional and a fantastic multi-tasker. The events I attended were multi-day festivals and required logistics for air travel, hotel, stage entertainment, master-classes and workshops, back stage prep, and ground transport. Leslie and her team were always on top of their game, and I would definitely recommend her for any position in the event planning industry. I would work with Leslie on any upcoming project

Kelcie Willis of The UGA New Media Institute


Working with Myasia as the team leader for the New Media Institute's Capstone class kept our project on track and constantly progressing during a short timeframe of four months. As visual designer for UGA Causes, our Capstone project, Myasia and I worked alongside two other students to develop a web application that matches UGA students to local service opportunities. Myasia collaborated with me as well as Areshia Stafford, our web coder, and Danielle Meinert, our content producer, to efficiently delegate tasks and manage our performance as the project developed. Her leadership and flexibility made collaboration an enjoyable and successful task.

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